ALA CARTE Items (avg. pricing)

  • Rockers: $350
  • Door cups: $100
  • Trunk strip: $40
  • Headlights: $80
  • Ford Black Pillars $80

Semi Gloss Carbon Fiber

Damascus Black

  Paint Protection Film or better known as PPF or Clear Bra, is an advanced film that is installed over the paint for extra protection.  This is seen as the best protection you can do to protect your vehicles finish.  This helps prevent (very well), stone chips, scratches, marring, acid rain, bird droppings, etc.  If your looking to take your protection above what a Ceramic Coating can do, this is the solution.

We partnered with STEK USA as our film provider.  We feel as though, from a quality standpoint, they're the best out there.  When we looked at different brands of film, we looked at more than just the level of protection it offers.  Don't get me wrong, STEK DYNOshield film is super tough, 8 mils thick, and there for the long haul (we'll get there).  But when we were looking, we wanted something that is optically clear, self healing, easy to work with,  and a good support system behind the product.

The films that we provide are all from STEK.  They have a few different products that are pretty sweet.  The main film is called DYNOshield.  This is what will be used on most of our installs.  Pricing will vary on vehicle so please call us for a price.

Perks of this film include:

  • Super tough at 8 mil thick
  • Super clear, you won't see any orange peel affect in this film
  • High gloss finish 
  • Advanced Hydrophobics (Water repelling properties like a ceramic coating)
  • Self healing with engine heat, heat gun, or hot water
  • Stain Resistant
  • 10 year warranty --covers delamination, yellowing, bubbling, and cracking

We also offer their fashion line as well.  These have some crazy colors or designs in them that make the film look like a normal vinyl wrap, but you get the benefits of a PPF and a long term warranty.  All of these products are warrantied for 7-10 years and offer the same protection properties as DYNOshield.  Best way to see these films is to visit us at the shop.  Pictures just can't do justice for how neat these are! Note, these films fall outside the normal pricing and application process.

  • DYNOmatte: Turns your finish to a matte finish, no matter how glossy or shiny it is
  • DYNOblack gloss:  Glossy black finish 
  • DYNOblack matte: Matte black finish
  • DYNOcarbon:  Transparent film that will lay a carbon fiber look using your factory finish color.  
  • DYNOcarbon matte: Carbon fiber look in matte
  • DYNOcarbon semi gloss: Carbon fiber look in a semi gloss finish
  • DYNOcarbon gloss: Carbon fiber look in a high gloss finish.  
  • DYNOdamascus: Transparent film that will lay a crazy design using your factory finish color 
  • DYNOdamasus black: Film that will lay a crazy design in black
  • DYNOprism: A color shift film, depending how you look at it, it can be purple, blue, green.  High gloss.
  • DYNOred: A high gloss red finish
  • DYNOwhite: A high gloss white finish
  • DYNOgrey: A high gloss grey finish 
  • Light Protection Film: available in 4 different shades, this adds a more aggressive look to your headlights, fogs, or taillights. (shade, shadow, smoke, yellow)

We will have 3 main offerings for DYNOshield:

Partial front (avg. $900):

  • Full front bumper
  • 1/3-1/2 hood (depends on vehicle)
  • Start of fender
  • Mirrors

Full front (avg. $1600):

  • Full front bumper
  • full hood
  • full fenders
  • mirrors

Full vehicle (avg. $5000):

  • Covers all painted surfaces
  • Removal of any necessary trim and badges and reinstalled

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Paint protection film (ppf)

DYNO Matte

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