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Modesta Private Label

Getchniq Crystal Serum ultra


  • ​This is targeted towards the daily driver whom demands high shine and ease of maintenance.
  • 5-10 year expected life (all depends how YOU take care of it)
  •   Pure liquid glass with the highest level of ingredients 
  • Hydrophilic Properties


  • Flagship product
  • This is targeted towards the show car.  For the enthusiast that wants extreme gloss and Hydrophobic.  
  • Not recommended for daily driven vehicles unless you wash it weekly
  • High Candy-Like gloss
  • Up to 10 year expected life (all depends how YOU take care of it)

Other Coatings

  • 3-5 Year expected life
  • Great shine due to ziconium create 
  • 3 Dimensional matrix provides excellent water repellency and self cleaning
  • Single thick layer which protects against adverse environmental effects

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Ceramic Coatings


Modesta BC-08


Let me just start and say, this coating is not for everyone.  This does require professional maintenance and care.  You have to be a true enthusiast that wants the best of the best.

  • Combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic technology
  • unprecedented shine, protection, resistance, and crazy self cleaning effect
  • Consists of two separate parts, an extremely thick and hard inorganic base coat and a super hydrophobic organic top coat.  When combined, you get astonishing results.
  • The two layers will form into one durable protective layer resistant to tar, corrosion, oxidation, chemicals, and mechanical damages
  • This will be the best shine you can get out of your finish
  • Requires that top coat be re-applied every 12-18 months.  We will discuss and setup a plan for you depending on the vehicle use and need.

  • ​Modesta BC-06 Wheels and Body​
    • ​Wheel Faces $200
    • Entire wheel (new only) $400
    • Removal of wheels, faces, barrel, suspension, body, and caliper (where applicable) $495
  • Modesta Leather Protection System
    • ​Consists of a base and top coat.  Top coat only applied in high traffic areas. $495
  • Modesta Window Coating $200
  • Gtechinq Trim Coating $125
  • Gtechniq Fabric and dash coating $175

​​Modesta BC-04 or bc-05

We will help you decide which is best for you

What is a coating?  Is a coating worth it?  Does it hurt my paint?  How often do I need to do it?

Coatings are the newest technological advances in car care.  We hear many questions like those all day, every day.  A true coating isn't something you just spray on and wipe off or go through a car wash and magically puts a bulletproof layer on your paint.  A true coating takes many hours of prep work and applying.  Since we can sit here and type until our hands fall off about coatings, I'll hit on the major subjects and myths.  

The below is for the introductions to the coatings, for more information, please give us a call.  There is much to discuss when talking about coatings!

Coatings are not bulletproof, cars still can scratch, acid rain will still stain, and so on.  Coatings are meant to be the sacrificial layer, meaning they take the beating instead of you clear coat.  Our coatings will help PREVENT marring, scrapes, stains from acid rain, etc.  You probably have seen a coating somewhere, my guess is on the internet, you know, where the water just runs off the car (yes that actually happens).  All coatings will say they last "X" years, but in reality, they only last as long as the owner takes care of it.  If you take care of your car, meaning you wash it monthly, don't go off-road, or don't beat it up in the parking lot, it's going to last to what the manufacturer says and in many cases, longer.  If you are tough on your vehicle, then it may not last as long. There are many brands and claimed hardnesses of coatings out there, its finding the one that is right for you. 

We use Gtechniq and Modesta Coatings.  To us, through many hours, trips, demos, shop time, and even science, Gtechniq and Modesta are the best coatings on the market. They don't claim things that aren't realistic, they are up front, and better yet, their product works. 

Gtechniq has been around since the late 90's.  They are huge overseas in Europe and a giant in the US.  Modesta has made a name for itself by offering a very prestigious product.  The science and application behind their processes and products is absolutely fantastic.  There is no doubt, nothing on the market can compete with them.  

We will not offer a product that we feel is inferior, we only want to offer products that we know work.  Again, we have spent years on research for our customers and will continue to do.  Here are the coatings we decided are the best for you.


  • Great all around protection
  • Deep luster
  • 7-9 year expected life (all depends how YOU take care of it)
  • We top with Gtechniq EXO for higher hydrophobics
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • ​10H hardness