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Detail Packages

We have three main lines to detail packages to choose from.  In all of these lines, we only use the best products to ensure that your car smells like a new car on the inside and shines like the day you bought it.  We guarantee our work and are willing to work with YOU!

Among our products, we use specialty coatings. Anything from Wax to the new Ceramic Coatings.  Our waxes are colored coded so make sure you tell us what color you have!

Our service line

The Ceramic Coating Line is the newest addition to our packages.  We use 9H coating which is lasts up to 4 years!  This will take more time to complete and the vehicle must stay dry for 48 hours, price includes cure time at our facility

The Deluxe Line are for those looking to get a full detail from top to bottom.  This would include everything from shampooing to engine dressing and polishing.  Once again, we do use specialty waxes here, so make sure we know what color paint you have!

The A La Carte is all of the odds and ends of detailing.  Here you can find something that wouldn't be normally included.  If you can think of something that's not on this list, let us know!  We will discuss and add it shortly.

Our Economy Line allows those who are just looking for a quick wash before they go on vacation or put their ride away for winter.  This also allows those on a budget, to enjoy a clean, fresh, and protected vehicle.  Don't let the title fool you, we still only use the best products.

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